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    Wednesday, November 23, 2016 Tableau Conference 2016 News & The Art of Cardistry

    David Keys

      At this catered meetup we're planning two fun presentations, and plenty of opportunity to share what we've all been doing in Tableau.


      1. What happens when you combine playing card artistry with analytics?

      Join Matt Rentz as he shares what happened when he combined Tableau with his passion for 'cardistry'. Matt discovered cardistry in 2015 and since then has been learning moves and buying decks of cards from different sources.

      Cardistry is the art of creating mesmerising motions and formations with a deck of cards. Unlike magic tricks or card cons, cardistry is purely focused on the aesthetic appeal of the cards, so the design of the deck is singularly important. Matt's deck collection has been steadily growing... and now Tableau has joined the party. The results are captivating.


      2. My highlights from the Annual Tableau Conference, held in Austin, Texas. The breadth and scale of the #TC16 event has to be seen to be believed!


      3 Got an interesting piece of work you want to show off, we can make room to give you 10 - 15 mins to shine, bring your laptop, viz on a USB or stick it on Tableau Public and talk us through it.


      This is a social event with Beer, wine and pizza supplied so users can chat socially about data adventures and Tableau between presentations.


      As always any questions please feel free to get in touch.


      Please register to attend so we have enough catering for you here.




      e) dave@keydataconsulting.com.au   m) 0417 432990