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    Tableau Calculation Issue - With Action Filters - Dual Axis

    Somok Sarkar

      Hello Everyone,

      I tried to replicate the issue I am facing with the global Superstore Dataset. The actual requirement is to compare the performance trend between a company and his competitor. The actual data from 2 different sources brought into a single data source.


      As per the requirement I have create a calculated field called 'Metric calculation'. What I want here is

      1. Initial Graph Should be blank

      2. First the user needs to select the 'Company 1 Own' and the first line chart should appear

      3. Second the user needs to select the 'Company 2 Own' and the Second line chart should appear


      I tried with the data blending when the data was available into as two different source but When I am creating the action filter then since the metric calculation has to use the dual axis its getting applied on both the line chart

      Currently I am unable to control this flow. Can someone please tell me if its possible to do in tableau?