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    Hi Team,

    Archana Sharma

      Is there any way we can color the cell of a dimension?

      Scenario is:

      I have 4 columns, if the values of these column is equal then there will be no defect and if value of any column gets differ then there is a defect and value of which column is different that particular cell should be colored.


      Please suggest



      Archana Sharma

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          Shinichiro Murakami




          First of all, I recommend that you change the table structure with pivoting the data.


          Original file.



          Data source edit and Pivot data


          Create same Table.


          Then three(?) steps.



          Calculate Min and Max for respective "Customer" in this example.


          [Max Data]

          {fixed [Customer]:max([Pivot field values])}


          [Min Data]

          {fixed [Customer]:min([Pivot field values])}


          Determine which data is correct ( assuming three numbers is correct and one number is incorrect)


          [Positive or Negative]

          {fixed [Customer]:count(if [Pivot field values] = [Max data] then [Pivot field names] end)}

          -{fixed [Customer]:count(if [Pivot field values] = [Min data]then [Pivot field names] end)}


          [Base Score]

          if [Positive or Negative]>0 then [Max data] else [Min data] end



          Color the incorrect cell.


          [Delta Cell Color ]

          if [Pivot field values]<>[Base Score] then "NG" else "OK" end