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    Tableau Report Calls Data Source Multiple Times

    Jerry Beach

      I have a report that uses a stored procedure for the data source. This stored procedure logs every call that comes to it including the parameters passed. If I open my report, then check the log table, I see at least two calls to the stored procedure. One always has the parameter values I selected, and the other(s) have parameter values I've used in the past, as if it were cached. I've deleted the cache files located in the AppData folder but this still persists. If I publish the report to Tableau Server and include ?:refresh=y in the URL I still have the problem.


      Any ideas?


      My data source is Microsoft SQL Server and it's a live connection.



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          Dan Huff

          Is one of the calls the Tableau capability check? It would be something like the below to check to see if temp tables can be created for the connection established?


          SELECT TOP 1 *

          INTO [#Tableau_1_1_Connect]



          If it really is as you describe--a potentially older version of your query--I would try and create a new workbook to see if it reproduces there as well. Would be an interesting test to see if this solves it.