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    TWB (connected with tde file) vs TWBX: what is faster?

    Jan Paulsen

      Hi all,


      I switched the reporting from twbx to twb. The twb connects to a tde datastore. So neither the twbx report nor the twb report have a live connection, both connect to extracts. Despite this, I noted a decrease in performance when switching from twbx to twb. Is there a logical reason why this should occur? To my knowledge, this should not make any difference.


      Both reports run on a server.


      Kind regards,



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          Dmitry Chirkov

          For Tableau Server - absolutely no difference.

          TWBX is an packaged workbook (an archive) that contains TWB and all the necessary files (extracts, images etc.) and is meant for sharing.


          For Tableau Desktop there's an extra cost opening TWBX and it has to be unpackaged into temporary location before it workbook can be used (which takes time).

          Tableau Server unpackages TWBX workbooks on publishing and stores them split out in it's own special way to behavior is identical between TWB and TWBX files there.