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    How to get the latest Thumbnails for all the Views in Default site

    Ravi Kumar Venkatesan

      Dear All,


           I am developing a Web application[C#] that integrates with the Rest API provided by Tableau 10 and displays all the views for a logged-in Tableau User. I am in the design phase. The application is designed to have a "Home Page" where the user lands. This page is supposed to have the thumbnails of all the Views that the user is eligible for.


           I have a couple of questions on how to implement it.

           1. What is the best way to have this implemented?

           2. Should I have the thumbnails stored locally in my Web Server so that I don't hit the Tableau Server all the time? or Is it OK to have a JavaScript call to Tableau Server?

           3. If I go by the option of storing the Thumbnails in the Web Server, how do I manage it? As in, how do I know that the thumbnails are up-to-date?

           4. I see an API call that returns the image for a single "View" but I would like to know if there is a single call to download the thumbnails for all the views/workbooks?


           Please clarify. Any help on the above would be very much appreciated. Thanks!