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    Calculated field with specific values across filtered dimensions


      I have a dataset that includes sales data by region and includes fields for customer lead source, product purchased, purchase year, and region. I'm trying to analyze the number of "online" customer leads that purchased "Product A" as a percentage of all product categories purchased by online customers. I'd like to graph this percentage over time by region.


      For example- the trend graph on the image below graphs the number of online customer leads that purchased product A over time, by region (region on color shelf). The red line pertains to the West region. I've also included a table for all customer lead sources and product purchases for the West region. Instead of the mark label on the trend graph displaying filtered volume, I'd like it to display the % of all purchases from online leads that were for product A. For example, in 2012 I had 6 online purchases of product A, out of a total of 12 online customers, so I'd like the mark label on the red line to show 50% for 2012. The desired mark labels that I'm trying to produce with this calculation are in the table below- can anyone help me with the calc to generate them?


      West (red)50%62.5%46.6%42.1%
      South (orange)-100%66%50%
      East (blue)25%---