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    End of Month Snapshot

    Jace Hagmann



      I have setup a dashboard in Tableau that provides delinquency rates based on a customers cycle day (see below).  The data source utilized does not have a date field and updates daily for each day of the month before resetting at the beginning of the next.  Due to the limitations with the data source my thought and hope is that there is some way to take a snapshot of the existing dashboard on the last day of the month as a way to create a historical footprint.  Would anyone know if that is possible or have any alternative ideas?





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          Nathan Panuco

          Hi Jace!


          Do you want to capture the data that is present on the last day or just an image of the data? If you just need an image, you can likely achieve this through a subscription that's triggered to send out at the end of the month. If you want the data as well, you could also schedule a monthly extract job that would grab the data on the last day of the month. You would need to move that data before the job would run again but you'd have a whole month to do it. You may also be able to configure an incremental extract refresh to automatically append the data, but it may not work for your situation: Quick Start: Incremental Extract Updates


          Hope this helps!