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    Grouping by Measures or possibly using a parameter to create the Groups that are needed

    Tracy Orwig

      I have a Measure that I need to be able to group into 4 different "Categories" based on the Average %.  I am using a date range in order to see improvements/needs improvements and I had created a new measure to show this but when using a distinct count from a dimension on this newly created measure I cannot Sum the columns or show % of Total, i get just the static number for each "Category"


      I have two different pages, the first one is showing the groupings that I need but the issue with Distinct Count not summing properly.  The second page I tried to bring the data over summed up to a weekly level thinking I could then switch over to distinct on this one but it also wouldn't work. 


      I have also tried using a FIXED formula at the different levels but I still can't seem to get this to work, The parameter I created I was hoping to get the "Parameter Testing" measure to use in the place of Distinct Count.



      So page one, this shows the correct number of distinct head count but I can't sum or use percent of total.  The second page, I tried a different route with grouping by week in my sql but maybe maybe if I have to use sql to get the answer I will have to change that up instead.


      Thanks in advance!