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    Custom SQL vs. Creating Objects & Variables in Tableau Desktop

    Chris Zysk

      Hi All,


      Newbie here - first time using Tableau at a brand new job. EXCITING! Yet I pose to you a question: for users interested in maintaining the life cycle of their reports & dashboard visualizations -- do you find it easier to create custom SQL connections (when using a Database Connection as opposed to a static Excel grid) OR to create the joins to your data sources dynamically in the Tableau Data Source panel?


      Literally, this is my second day using Tableau . Figuratively, I have been using SQL and other reporting tools at other jobs for a while. As a fresh user I am thinking it would be easiest to do MOST of my calculations in a Custom SQL script as opposed to having to create variables (is that what you call them?) inside the application for things like percentages, CASE or If/Then statements, etc. I just recall at a previous company, we had an old version of an SAP tool where the company did not support custom SQL, and it made maintaining/modifying some of those legacy reports a real bear.