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    Inquire about How to Create Automatically Daily Refreshed Dashboard

    Haocheng Li

      Hello Tableau Experts,


      Thanks for the great support as always.

      I have below issue which need your kind guidance.



      There is a published Live Tableau Data Source on the server,
      which I have access to launch it.

      And, I’m about to create a Dashboard using this live data
      source as raw data.

      But since it is a live data, the data refreshing time is too
      long and brings bad user experience.


      My Question:

      Is that possible to create another extracted tableau data
      source which could automatically extract the live data in a certain frequency
      (maybe once a day) ?

      So that I can link my dashboard to that daily refreshed data
      source and provide a better experience to report audience.


      I hope I state out my question clearly, please feel free to
      contact with me in case of any clarification.


      Thanks & Regards,