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    Help with the "Append-to" feature in Tableau 10.

    Orlando Suarez

      I have an excel spread loaded in my Tableau 10 workbook with 13 months of data between Sept'15 thru Sept'16.....I now want to tap into my Netezza Server via a SQL script to bring in the Oct'16 data and append that to the historical data on excel that I just described at the beginning (Sept'15-Sept'16).


      I loaded my historical excel data as an extract, and I did the same with the Neteeza SQL script connection


      I right clicked on the (Sept'15 -Sept'16) data source and I went to "Extract" and then I clicked "Append from data source" ................but I do not get an option to match the Excel data source to the script source.


      Can this be done with the "Append-to" feature?


      Need so help/steps on how to make this work.