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    I am stuck using PowerPoint & need slides

    Cynthia Derksen



      I am a newbies and hope someone can give me some guidance.  I have tried the LiveWeb Add-in to a PowerPoint presentation and it worked.  Problem doesn't work organizational wide because of problems with security settings and our organizations restrictions against using the add-in.


      My organization has a tableau server. I am wondering is there a way to have my slides updated automatically by connecting it to the server and/or have me updated it and file save as... and have the images be captured.  We have multiple facilities who need custom views each month.  One PowerPoint may contain up to 30 worksheets and multiply that by 18 facilities and I am behind before I start.   What I am really seeking is a way to embed each worksheet (I think)?  I think it needs to be independent by capturing the image or something?


      The PowerPoint-Excel relationship would be Inserting an Excel graph as a linked object and breaking the links after updating excel.


      I have Tableau 9.2, Tableau Server 9.2.3 and PowerPoint 2013.


      Any help or advice would be appreciated.  It is my goal to have do away with endless hours of cutting and pasting.