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    Web Data Connector parameterized refresh

    Bhupendra Patil

      Hi All,


      Total newbie to Tableau and WDC.

      I have been searching around with No Luck and hopefully someone can point to me if this is even possible or not


      I have to build a WDC where we will be retrieving data over http and want to make the URL dynamic

      The end point looks something like  http://server/service1?startdate=01012016&enddate=12312016&state=NY


      Now this is possible when setting up the connector where I can hardcode the values of startdate and enddate and state,

      But what my users want is the ability to change the startdate and enddate and state parameter from within the dashboard based on user selections, textboxes etc,

      Then it should pass these values back to the same data connection and refresh the data. Is this even possible ??

      Any pointers will help? Thank you

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          Nathan Panuco

          Hi Bhupendra!


          Do you have the ability of putting some custom SQL in front of the WDC? You can create filter the incoming data using a custom SQL statement that calls on a URL parameter. Something like SELECT * FROM database.table WHERE [Date Field] >= <Parameters.DateFilter> and then the URL would have "&DateFilter=12-31-2016" appended to the end. This parameter could also be exposed in the workbook allowing users to input their own date.


          Hope this helps!