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    Combine Multiple Dimensions into One Filter (same data type)


      I need to combine multiple dimension fields into a single filter if possible. I have 4 fields that i would like to show the records for an individual regardless of where they are in the record. "crew1code" "crew2code" 'crew3code" "crew4code" - I would like to be able to set the report to show all records where that person (code) is listed on at one time. They are not always in listed in the same position so if I filter the code (name) by each position it will not show the records where they are listed at another position. example: if I filter "crew1code" by "239" it will not show the records they are listed on in "crew2code", "crew3code","crew4code" position, just the ones where they are in 'crew1code'. And so one if I filter by "crew2code", etc...Hopefully that makes sense.


      Not sure what the best way to handle this in Tableau.