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    Building a Stacked Bars Chart with Stacked Bars Pertaining to Different Source Files

    Ali Ghaddar



      I am trying to build a stacked bars chart that groups information from two different source files, e.g., number of transactions for store A from file A (first stacked bar) and number of transactions for store B from file B (second stacked bar).


      I have thought about the alternatives below to do so:


      1) Build a separate stacked bars chart for each data source and group both charts into one dashboard: In this case, I need to ensure that the Y-axes are synchronized. How can this be done?


      2) Aggregate the information from both files into one file, add an additional column "Store" that differentiates between the stores and then create the stacked bars chart.


      What is the best alternative for this? Are there other simpler alternatives?


      Many Thanks.