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    Showing Error when opens sheet-1 but sheet-2 opening

    sirisha G

      Hi Every one,


      Connected Live to data exctract(single table,size 2GB) whicg is published to server.

      with this data i generated two sheets sheet1 and sheet2. sheet1 contains parameter with 20,000 fields.

      sheet2 contains i dimension and i measure with 20,000 rows. published to server. when published sheet1 and sheet2 took 98MB data.

      sheet2 opening but not sheet1. I observed that as sheet1 contains parameter so it is not opening. i tried sheet2 with different measures and dimensions but not parameter,its opening on server. when i create parameter in sheets that sheet is not opening in server. Tableau is running very slowly on this data extract. Running better on other data extracts.


      Please help me in solving this issue ....