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    Small help on filters

    Jessy Cool

      Hi ,

      I have 2 sheets ini dashboard

      First sheet  : Displaying 30 days sales line chart

      Secnd sheet : Displaying 31 to 60 days sales i line chart

      I have 2 separate range filters for each sheet.

      Requirent i s : if i select date range of 40 days in filter 1 then i am succesfully gettgin 30days in sheet 1 and 10 days in sheet 2.

      Issue : for sheet 2 I want to display only those dates in range filter as it is showing in sheet. but curently my sheet 2 filter is displaying range from sheet 1 filter.

      please find attached  workbok



      Example : I have selected 4th january to 9th april in sheet 1 filter . It displayed first 30days (4th jan to 12 th feb)  in sheet 1 and remaining days in next sheet (13 feb to 24th march) but the filter related to sheet 2 is still showing  4th january to 9th april . I need ot to display 13 feb to 24th march as it is showing in sheet.