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    Find what filter selections a user made

    Lazy Rambler

      Hi guys,


      Is there way to find in the logs what filter selection a user made when running a report.



      Also, how do you dig through the logs ? There are so many of them! So if you encounter an issue, what do you do ? I know specific logs should at looked at specific errors, but how did you learn all this? How to make sense of the logs ?

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          Dan Huff

          In order to just make sense of the logs and to help get you an introduction into what info is contained in each, I would highly recommend taking a look at LogShark


          Introducing Logshark: Analyze your Tableau Server log files with Tableau | Tableau Software


          This tool takes a zip of your server logs and outputs a number of vizzes with different looks at the server logs.


          As far as seeing what selections are made on a filter, this is a little more difficult as it would require analyzing the vizqlserver logs (the ones that look like Desktop logs) to search for the WHERE or HAVING clauses that interest you and your workbook. With the vizql output of Logshark, you may be able to construct a viz that lets you narrow down to just the one workbook in which you are interested and then dive in from there.


          I hope this helps,