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    TUG Leaders at TC16 - Data Viz

    Bruce Segal

      Hey Folks:


      If you belong to a TUG, or lead one and want to connect your favorite TUG leader while at TC16. Here's a data viz on Tableau Public of the TUG's and their leaders who we know will be in Austin.


      The data source is a google sheet created by Jordan Scott, Tableau's Titan of TUG (TToT). And I'm taking advantage of the google sheets feature that automatically update the viz as TUG Leaders add info to the google sheet.


      I'll fix the way the map filtering works, so when you click on a country everything filters. Right now, filtering only works on the little dots for each city and I expect fitlering to work on both. I'll fix it. I'm using a dual axis map to give me a cloropeth map by country and a dot by cities. And this affects the filtering action.


      Here's, what I hope is, a little eye candy to entice you to feast on the interactive goodness. If you click the image, you will go to the viz, or right click it to open a new tab and stay in this forum.


      BESegal's TC16 User Group Leaders Viz