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    Unable to achieve a simple line chart

    Sajid R



      I am trying to build a simple line chart


      I have following data


      12/21/12 00:00:002A
      12/21/12 00:01:002B
      12/21/12 00:02:002A
      12/21/12 00:03:007B
      12/21/12 00:04:007A
      12/21/12 00:05:007B


      I want the time-stamp in the x axis and need to plot 2 lines for group a and b and show transitions from level 2 to 7 over time.


      The only part that I am not able to achieve is the transitions from 2 to 7. Since weightage is a measure it asks for aggregation method. I tried changing it to dimension attribute and everything. but not able to get the desired result.