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    historical data

    arun kumar

      I am new to tableau,please let me know if any corrections.I had a requirement for a given sales order and deliver order.I need to find deliver order spread over the last period of time.

      For eg Product Year    Quater       Month         SO                  DO   

                     a          2015      q4            nov         1/11/2015

                     a           2016      q1            jan          1/11/2015         3/3/2016

                       a           2016      q1            jan          1/11/2015       21/3/2016

                      b       2016       q2           apr         21/4/2016       25/4/2016

                      c     2016       q3           july         21/7/2016        30/8/2016


      Now if you see product "a" sales order is on 1/11/2015 and delivered two times on 3/3/2016 and 21/3/2016.So if i select SO for "A" product it should show what is quantity delivered in 3/3/2016 and 21/3/2016.Similarly all the historical data for a given SO

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          Dan Huff



          Are you only trying to show one of the DO dates? If so, which one? This should be fairly simple to solve with LOD calculations provided that you are using at least Tableau 9.0. For example, the following calculation would get you the latest DO date for each product:


          {fixed product : max(DO date) }