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    Top N not working correctly

    Mikey Michaels

          Hello All,

      I hope this message finds you well.

      I have a quick question; however, I cannot attach my workbook as it contains sensitive information so I will do my best to provide screenshots and a detailed explanation.


      My ultimate goal is to show the Top N global customers for my data point - Quarter End Seats. I want the first Top N to have the Global Name listed then the rest labeled as "Others". I was able to complete this by creating a set. Here is a look at the set:


      In order to show the Top N global customers, I created the following calculated field called "Customer Name Other"

      The issue: When I place the Set and my calculated field "Customer Name Other" onto my Tableau workbook, instead of getting Top 50 Global Customers, I'm getting 13!

      No idea why 13.

      Here is what my workbook looks like (sorry had to block out most of the details).






      Any ideas as to why I'm getting 13 and not 50 global customers?

      Any and all help is much appreciated!