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    Mark Labels Disappearing when Publishing to Server

    Christopher Farrow

      Hi Tableau Community,


      Here is the nature of my problem. I have a workbook that, among other things, places aliased text labels on top of rectangular shapes (medals). While the labels are displaying to proper specifications on my local machine, the published version of the workbook will have random (seemingly) instances where a row or rows of data have its labels not display (see attached images). This is happening on a single dashboard and none of the many others that do the same thing. Here is what I have checked up on:


      1.The problem only exists after publishing to server - I have never encountered this on Tableau desktop. Prior to publishing, all labels display without any problems.


      2. All labels are set to be allowed to overlap, and mark labels are all set to "always show"


      3. As seen below, the label drop will always occur across an entire row of data.


      4. Very strangely, when I open the workbook with the web editor, the labels reappear. When I hit "done" the labels in question disappear again.


      5. The problem happens consistently - the label dropping occurs in the same places and never changes.


      6. When I print the worksheets to pdf, the labels reappear.


      Has anyone else encountered a similar problem? Any help or guidance appreciated.