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    Tableau report schedule


      Team -


      Need help to understand tableau report schedule. Please suggest the more efficient way to schedule the report.


      1. While publishing the workbook mean via Tableau Desktop.

      2. Schedule in tableau server.


      My requirement is to schedule three time in a day. As per Tableau set up I can see only limited time to schedule the report which is not meeting my requirement.


      is there any way to bypass this tableau set up and define my own time to schedule report refresh.


      please see the following screenshot : -


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          Jeff Strauss

          here is one option which may work for you:


          1. Create a schedule (i.e. testschedule)

          2. Attach workbooks that you want to refresh onto this schedule

          3. Disable the schedule - this essentially disables the automatic time trigger capability

          4. Deploy a small script that is triggered by Task Scheduler (run at whatever frequency you need) to issue a tabcmd runschedule tabcmd Commands