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    Filter Distinct Count in Numerator

    Travis VanOrmer



      I am working on a project where I am looking at a ratio of two distinct counts.


      The denominator of the ratio is a distinct count of all serial numbers. It needs to be a distinct count since there are many duplicates.


      The numerator of the ratio is a distant count of serial numbers with a claim. This is working fine in its current form for all claims, but I need to filter out claims occurring in given intervals. For example the first 30 days. If I do a filter to the sheet Tableau will filter the denominator and numerator of the equation. I have created another calculated field to place the numerator serial numbers in bins of 0-30 , 30 -60 , etc.. The duplicates could be eliminated outside of Tableau, but this is a weekly report so I would rather use the raw data at all costs. I have been playing around with if statements but I get an error of using an aggregate inside the if statement because of the distinct count.