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    Optimal Territory Design

    Joseph Pfeffer



      I'm currently working on a project to improve the effectiveness of our sales territories, which is based on our branch locations. Our territories are defined by zip codes within a mileage radius of a branch, and then that territory is divided into groups based on the number of sales people in the branch. I've used the radius filtering and have identified the territory. However, I'm now finding that our branches are often in the wrong location. For example, I'm finding that the zip codes within a 5 mile radius of the branch are not optimal, and that shifting the center of the territory two miles west would yield a much better territory. We've got hundreds of territories nationally so I'm trying to automate the shifting of the territories. A logical automatic shift I've done in Excel is to shift the center of the radius to the closest top zip code. Is this a challenge that anyone has tackled before in Tableau? I'm trying to avoid the Excel portion and automate the work in Tableau. Finally, within the defined radius, I'm trying to automatically assign the zip codes to sales people in the most efficient way, without looking at each individual map and clustering the zip codes. Does anyone have experience with this challenge of territory assigning, possibly based on zip code distance from one another?



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          Dan Huff



          Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like you are trying to actually alter data--the definitions of your territories. While I'm excited to see that Tableau has helped show you that positive changes can be made, Tableau will not be able to alter your underlying data. Your best bet is to analyze it in Tableau and work elsewhere to make the changes to the data itself.