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    does stored procedure with CTE work on Tableau or not?

    Y Lu

      just double check that:

      does stored procedure with CTE work on Tableau or not?


      the stored procedure without CTE or temporary table works fine within tableau, however if procedure has CTE or temporary table, then it is not working, the error message such as "invalid cursor state and unable to connect to the server...".


      within their reference somewhere states:


      Defer execution to the server

      You can defer an initial SQL statement so that it is executed only on the server. One reason to defer execution to the server is if you don’t have permission to execute the commands that set up impersonation. Use <ServerOnly></ServerOnly> tags to enclose the commands to be executed only on the server.


      CREATE TEMP TABLE TempTable(x varchar(25));
      INSERT INTO TempTable VALUES (1);
      <ServerOnly>INSERT INTO TempTable Values(2);</ServerOnly>

      so can temporary table be created on tableau server, has anyone tried this?


      has anyone so far managed to get it work?

      or is there any way to go around it?


      does anyone know Tableau technique support email contact?