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    Calculated field with other data source which connected with each other

    jayhwan cheong

      Okay. The thing is I don't want to do outside tableau. I understand it would be easy just change excel file but I want to know is there any way I could do inside tableau.



      There are two data sources. Each other connected by Shop column(But! the thing is shop column is also made by calculated field)


      So I connected both shop column with data blending. Now, they are connected.


      Here is the question!

      I want to make a calculated field using both data sources. One from a Fruit name the other from a Locate name.

      I tried to make this way but not working

      In a calculated field,

      Fruit_Loc = [Fruit]+ATTR([Sheet1 (Location)].[Location])

      not working.


      Is there any way I could merge fruit name and location name which is connected by shop name.


      I expected like a new column something look like,