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    What are the CSS classes used to set tooltip location?

    Rob Pel

      What are the CSS classes used to adjust the location of a tooltip (or how can I adjust the location?), I'm having issues with the tooltip being in the wrong location when hovered over. And could I just apply a new class to override this on the div tag?


      tableau server 9.3


      Note: I posted a much more specific case but it isn't really doing well, but if you want to refrence it for whatever reason. Tooltip displaying at the top left of Viz

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          Toby Erkson

          Rob, please add this information to your original thread that you reference.  I've locked this one because it is really just a duplicate (though simpler) post of your original one.


          Not all questions can be answered so if it is important that you get an answer then please contact Tableau Support directly.  The vast majority of help in these forums comes from Tableau end user volunteers -- it really is a community effort.  There are only a few paid Tableau employees that are dedicated to the forums and they can't answer all posts or have the answer to everything.