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    Has anyone successfully used Tableau to build an Erlang-C dashboard

    Susan Davidson

      I currently collect data in excel from our phone switch for 12 weeks - it then takes the average call length, abandoned calls, average speed of answer per interval and determines how many staff would be needed to handle the volume. Apply smoothing and an analyst % for availability and I get a model, per day of the week, that says how many people I need logged in to the phones to answer calls at any given time.  I then have a spreadsheet where people can book PTO and it interacts to show if we need coverage for part/all of the day based on the forecast call volume.


      It seems like Tableau would be a great tool for this (with a link to a live data source for the PTO/Training etc) but I am new to Tableau and not sure where to start (I do already have the interval data pulling in there).  Wondered if anyone had used Tableau this way with any success?