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    Business Case : Help me with your Tableau Expertise - ( Need to tell a story )

    Rajeev Pandey

      Dear Tableau Lovers,


      We have a business case where we need to report the Name of the Functions/region which are having Less Seats availability. I am completely struck how to approach this Business issue.


      Scenario :This problem is related to order board. The simple meaning of order-board is how many people we are planning to hire .In my business case , Management wanted to know the name of functions which is sorted in seats availability. So lets say we have total headcount of function 1 is 100 and total seats available are 150 . So this shows we are good till three (random) Periods until the headcount reaches to 150.The moment it exceeds or greater than 150 , Management has to look for the New Office location so that they can accommodate new hires. Here, We need to show % of Seat shortage = Total Seats Allocated /(Current Headcount + Pending Hires +order board). Or in other way we can think, we will hire in only those places where seats are available. This whole business Problem I need to represent in visualization  either in the form of battery meter or in form of thermometer. if this cannot be done, then Stacked bar chart. The filter we will be using like Location, Periods and functions.

      Note: You can use your own sample data or use the attached one.