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    Calculated field for defining ranges using Count of aggregated measure

    Raj Kumar



      I have two date fields [Start Date], [Closed Date]. 10 issues started and closed between these dates which belong to Group A and B. The difference between [Start Date] and [Closed Date] gives the days it took to close the issue. 5 issues have been closed, their status is Closed and remaining 5 are still open. 1 issue took 2 days, remaining 4 issues took 6 days to close. I want to see the issues closed under the ranges 0-4 days and > 4 days for groups A and B. Group A has 2 issues that are closed in 6 days, while Group B has 2 issues closed in 6 days and 1 issue in 2 days.

      Created a calculated field to find the difference of days.
      [Days Diff] = DATEDIF('day', [Start Date],[Closed Date])

      Trying to create a calculated field to find the issues closed under different ranges.

      [Range] = IF { FIXED [Group]: SUM([Days Diff])} >= 0 and { FIXED [Group]: SUM([Days Diff])} < 5 then " 0 - 4 days"
      ELSEIF { FIXED [Group]: SUM([Days Diff])} > 4 then "5 days and Over"
      ELSE "Null"

      But this is not giving me desired result. Need help.