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    Annabelle Rincon



      In order to lift up the spirits, do you have some examples of Christmas personnalisation in  Tableau server or any dashboard?

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          Michael Hesser

          Hi Annabelle;


          There are a number of things you can do.


          The simplest is probably create custom shapes (stars, snowflakes, etc) to use in your viz.This allows you to use a creative theme and still express metrics.


          A custom shape doesn't need to replace common shapes, though: consider using a holiday shape or image and including it next to your header. This would allow you to swap-out an image depending on the season, and doesn't detract from the utility of the program to users.


          If you're just looking for just goofy fun, consider using the Pages function for animation:

          • Find a Christmas image (like a forest) and use that as your Background image
          • Load several custom shapes of snowflakes
          • Now it gets trickier: create SNOWPATHS by plotting X/Y points in Excel.
            • Each snowpath should have unique path number [1, 2, 3, etc]
            • Each snowflake should also have an Appearance Time: a number that says when it should be visible to the observer.
            • Your snowpath will look something like this:


          • Animate it using the Pages over Appearance Time. You can use the Fade option to help simulate the falling snow, and LOOP it so the snow constantly falls.
          • Note: Try it with two or three snow paths, first. If you're tricky, you only need a coulple: you can reproduce as many as you need with a calculation that changes the X value.


          As a worksheet, you can shrink this down and drop it into the corner of a dashboard to let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


          I realize it's silly fun, but maybe it will be what you're after.

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