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    Comparing Last 3 years with current year YTD & MTD

    jasvinder singh



      I M working on loyalty dashboard where i want to highlight Total sale (bar) Loyalty Sale (Bar) and loyalty sale % (dual axis)

      but problem i m facing is Comparing Last 3 years with current year YTD & MTD


      FY 13-14

      FY 14-15

      FY 15-16

      FY 16-17(YTD)

      FY16-17 (last month ) on todays date i want to compare 1-30 sep


      This data is manually updated so need fixed calculation


      Pls help

      Pooja Gandhi

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          Toby Erkson

          Hey Jasvinder,

          Just a couple community tips:


          Please don't ping people, it's not necessary as we look at a LOT of posts and answer the ones we can  -- we're volunteers, too, so we're not obligated to answer questions and our paying jobs come first.  I happen to know that Pooja is busy moving (job and location!) and won't have much time -- if any at all -- for answering questions in the forums this week and likely the next.


          Once you have been in the community for a while and know people and their strengths better then you can ping them to help someone else or yourself   But don't abuse it otherwise you'll be ignored


          If you want more help you need to ask a good, detailed question and include a packaged workbook if at all possible.  Good reading:

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