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    County not showing up in correct place on map - null value

    Dana Beigel

      I'm the designer and not the data master for this project, but I've managed to create a storyboard of tables to show different energy expenditures across the U.S.


      When I make the map I get the grey box on the bottom right corner that shows the error/number of counties that have a null value.

      For some reason the longitude/latitude is not coming through when I insert the data.

      Rather than try and enter it by hand (there are over 400 files), is there any way to find out why the data isn't coming through correctly in the first place?


      In my viz, the All Measurements map is missing the 440 records. If you search for Cook County, that is one of them.

      In the Short Term impact tab the map shows the missing counties way off the map (after i let the null values default to 0)


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