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    Is it possible to add a box plot as a reference line?


      According to the tableau interface, when adding a reference line, one can choose a box plot.  When I do this, I just get little lines above the totals on my report.


      I have yet to see a working example of this (or even a picture).  I'm looking for a bar chart with a box plot reference line.


      The help on reference lines leads me to believe that what I'm after is impossible, because it merely refers the reader to go create a box and whisker graph.  I'm looking for it as a reference line.


      Types of Reference Lines, Bands, and Boxes   Note the 4th option is just a box plot, not a reference line.


      If this is possible, is there any documentation on what to feed it?  The interface is confusing because I don't know if I need to do a table calc in the measure, or if the box plot is doing that for me.


      Thanks in advance,