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    Data Blending

    Josh Delekta



      If you are blending data with 1 primary data source and 3 secondary sources does each data source have to share at least one column that has identical values? In other words, if I have four data sources with "Project" as the linked field does each source need at least 1 entry of every possible project in order to calculate correctly? If one of the data sources only had some of the projects that the other three did it would throw off the results. Correct? Thank you.

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          Akriti Lal

          You would need to provide a better way to present your question as it is not clear.

          However from whatever i could understand if the 4th data source has only some of the projects , you will be able to retrieve only those values for the project from the 4th  data source that is present in that data set. Other wise you will not have any problem. If this answers your question , mark it as answered so that it does not remain open or else provide additional clarifications with screen shot.