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    Exporting Data from Tableau

    Ramz Aftab



      I have a scenario where I have to create %ages formulas using SQL data source in Tableau. This would create additional set of measures in Tableau e.g. %age of Cost and other calc. fields and in the second step, I have to PIVOT these measures that we've just created in Tableau. i.e %age of Cost



      Entity SalesCost%age of Cost


      Constraints that I'm encountering:
      1) Data Interpreter doesn't work with SQL data. It only works with Excel. (Note: The data is big enough for Excel to handle)
      2) PIVOT is a manual process in Tableau. I reckon that it won't automatically pivot (new % measures)  data on refresh every time data is reloaded ? I think it's a bummer. 


      What alternative approach do we have ?