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    Adding Reference Lines to a Trend Graph

    David Guzman

      Hi All,


      I want to develop a dashboard that adds reference lines to a trending line graph. My goal is to create a viz that shows the number of visits to a product (per hour) and illustrates reference lines that indicate where modifications happened. The data is contained in two different data sheets. The "Visit Counter" sheet contains all the visits aggregated by the hour. The "Modification" sheet contains the time stamp that the modification happened. I would like to display all modification times as a reference line to show whether the change had any impact on the visit count.


      I am having difficulty since this is my first time working with timestamps. I need to join these two data sheets together to my desired results.

      I believe I need to Parse a timestmp from the modification time in order to do this proper joint, but I am not familiar with this DATEPARSE.


      Attached is my Workbook (version 9.3)


      Thank you in advanced,

      David Guzman

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          Norbert Maijoor

          Good morngin David,


          Ha, here comes the famous topic of "Scaffolding" on the table:) described here


          It's all about "no one data source is more primary or secondary than the other sources. Thus we need a third party to act as the primary to all the actual data sources. This third party is a data scaffolding that is created artificially" 


          Not all day-time values are available in your datasource based on moment of Modification or Visits so your need a third datasource with all dates and time moment so this can act as your "backbone" for reporting on maintenance and visits.


          Please have a read..