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    Tableau Performance Recording Workbook Integration

    Larsen Rennie

      Hello All

      I am trying to understand Performance Recording in Tableau Workbook. I am doing Performance Recording in Tableau Desktop. My scenario is that i am connected live with the sql server and we are trying to find the performance issues in a workbook . So i have recorded the performance of the workbook but i am unable to get much insight out of that

      I went through one of the KB article interpret Performance Recording in Tableau . There they have mentioned most of the Events but what i found is when i recorded the performance of my workbook it displayed one Event called "Sorting Data " which i searched on the internet but didnt get much about it regarding what actually it is . My data volume is more so didnt understand what does Sorting data means . Can somebody explain me what actually it is and some good explanation of Interpretation of Performance Recording workbook in Tableau will be very help ful


      I am attaching the screenshot of my workbook recording . If some body can explainby lookin at it what going on in the dashboard that will be very helpful