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    How to change a schema name through Tableau REST API ?

    Rahul Tokase


      I want to change the dashboard schema name along with datasouce update connection. I did not find any API where i can update the datasource connection.


      I want to achieve the following


      1) Dashbaords is creted with a datasource and schema name is also selected in the desktop.

      2) dashboard is published on the server.

      3) now through the rest api i want to change the datasource url so that my dashboards can use diffrent datasource. This i can achieve through the datasource update url.

      4) But when i tried to see the dashboards on teh server it gives me the error the schema name is not present on changes datasource.

      5) My problem is my new datasource is having same table structure but with diffrent schema name. So i want to update the schema name as well


      Is there any way by which i can update the schema name along with datasource url through the Tableau REST API ?