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    How to create this design

    Saravanan Durairajan

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          Joshua Milligan



          A lot will depend on the shape of your underlying data.  I'm going to assume that you have a fairly standard shape of something like one row per order and not something like one row per measurement.  The later case would give you some flexibility for the above design, but is not very typical and I doubt it is what you working with.


          With a standard shape of data, when you want to split measures up by Rows or Columns, you can use Measure Names / Measure Values -- the issue is that you can use only one set of Measure Names/Values per viz.  So, you can only split up different measures on Rows or Columns and not both.


          In this case, however, you only have a few rows -- so I would suggest creating a view specific for Sales -- use calculations (they may be somewhat complex) for MOM % Change, etc... and use Measure Names on Columns and Measure Values on Text.  Additionally slice your columns by Date as desired.


          Then create another, similar view for Orders and a final one for %.  Finally arrange them all on a dashboard with headers hidden for everything but Sales and place them on top of each other so they line up.


          Hope that helps!