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    Filters not visible when looking at Tableau public viz when logged into Tableau public


      Hi everyone,

      We have published few dashboards to Tableau Public via Tableau Desktop. The setting on the workbooks in Tableau Public are: Show view controls Undo, Redo, Revert

      Show author profile link

      Show workbook sheets as tabs.

      We do not have checked the options that allow workbook and its data to be downloaded.

      The vizzes were created in 9.3.7.


      Here is something strange that I can't find an answer for anywhere. When I look at these vizzes going to the profile as a non logged in user, all filters on the workbook sheets are visible. When I log in as a user (not the one that has published the content), I no longer see any filter dropdowns. I tried chrome and IE. The minute I log out, I can see the filters again.

      Does anyone know what the reason for this behavior is?

      Thank you.