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    Tableau Reader 9.3 Problem

    Michael Bradley



      I am using Tableau Reader Version 9.3 to 'read' a set of connected Tableau Dashboard screens built in Tableau Version 9.3.3.


      The dashboard screens use a link at the top of each Dashboard screen to navigate between each dashboard screen.


      When I click on one of the links to navigate between dashboard screens, Tableau appears to iterate through all views - one at a time, quickly - until I click cancel.


      When I use Tableau Reader Version 10, this problem does not happen.


      I have a client whose corporate firewall will not allow him to download Reader Version 10.  He has to stay with Reader Version 9.3 to read this same set of dashboard screens.


      Obviously this will not work.


      Has anyone heard of an issue like this or does anyone have a solution or recommendation regarding this problem?


      Thanks for your consideration.