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    is it possible to create a grand total (or subtotal) for a discrete measure?

    Kimber McDevitt

      I am creating a worksheet that has rows containing several dimensions, a discrete measure (revenue, a calculated field of items*cost) and a sideways bar chart (of items sold).  I understand how to subtotal and grand total the continuous measure used in the creation of the bar chart.  However, I can not seem to figure out how to display a grand total for the column that contains the discrete measure revenue.  When I apply the grand total to columns it only affects the continuous measure and the discrete measure is blank.  I do not want to make the revenue a continuous measure because it will be displayed as a bar chart - though if there is another way to accomplish this task, I'm open to suggestions.



      Item#    ItemName   Revenue   Bar (of number sold)

      Item#    Item Name  Revenue   Bar (of number sold)


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions!