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    Counting number of times a particular ordering happens in string

    David Meyer



      I have been struggling with this a couple of days now and have spent a better portion of today looking on forums already for help on this. 


      Say I am looking the following 5 repair activity logs


      Repaired TX Q1 & RX Q3


      Repaired TX Q2 & RX Q1


      Repaired TX Q1


      Repaired RX Q4


      Repaired RX C4, Q1


      Where Q is just the reference designator for a transistor, and C is a capacitor. 



      Now I want to count the number of times that RX appears followed by any Transistor (answer should be 4 in this case)


      Also how do I count the number of times RX appears followed by Transistor 1 (ie Q1) specifically (answer should be 2 in this case)


      Lastly how do I count the number of times TX appears and is followed by transistor 1 specifically but will not count any transistor 1 that follows RX (see second repair log for what Im referring to, answer should be 2 in this case)


      Im pretty new to tableau so forgive me if this is easy.


      David Meyer