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    Data Level Security

    Prasanna P

      Hi All,

      Below is my requirement,

      As part of reports/dashboards security, I should provide role based security in tableau server.

      For Ex: For some dashboards, I created two different groups in tableau server like 1) Managers and 2) Sub Ordinates

      Scenario: The manager who sits in USA can see all the dash boards related to all states in USA. But where I need to restrict Sub- Ordinate to see only that respective state report which he belongs to.

      As part of implementation this, I could have achieved up to creating two different groups as Managers and Sub-Ordinates in Tableau Server(10). And then I am handling these two groups in tableau client by writing Boolean expression (If is member of manager then true else false) and so on... But I want to implement all these controlling from tableau server itself.

      Is it possible to do any automation in tableau server to fulfil above scenario? If yes, It would be great if anybody helps here.

      Thanks in advance for your help and support.



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          Arijit Ghosh

          Hi Prasanna,


          Assuming you don't wanna publish 2 seperate reports and associating each DL (user group) with one of these reports. You can take a simple approach you can use a reference table let's say RESTRICTION there should be 2 columns EMP_ID (which tableau captures as username) and Region. Now join this with your fact table. And use data source filter over that restriction table with condition as EMP_ID = USERNAME(). So suppose I'm a a subordinate you did an entry in RESTRICTION table as (101, DELHI) and if you are a manager you did an entry for yourself as (102, [list of state from India]) now that list of state you can easily get from your location dimension table. This would be very flexible in several cases like you are checking data for your manager who is in Australlia you can easily delete your entry from restriction table and re insert states from Australlia under your sso. You would get the desired dataset instantly.