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    Mapping city addresses to Tableau

    Jerry Flatto

      I am a professor at a university teaching Tableau in my data analytics curriculum.  We are working on a class project for a local police department, performing analytics on their data and providing insight.  The police department can provide a report that includes the street address of the incident.  For example -  1243 Anywhere Street.  All the street addresses are in the town.  We would like the map the location of the incidents to see if we can identify patterns in the locations.  Thus we would like to add the locations to Tableau.  The police dispatch system cannot provide latitude and longitude of the address; nor does the system provide zip plus four.  


      My students have found some software that allows us to enter an address and return a longitude/latitude location but this is one at the time.  I am wondering if folks have any ideas on how to get a large number of streets and addresses into Tableau? This would be in a single town as well as a single zip code which corresponds to the city.  Is there software that we can use to enter a large number of street addresses and get the information needed to enter the locations into Tableau? 


      Any suggestions and hints are welcome.  Feel free to email me directly at jflatto@uindy.edu.





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