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    Conditionals directly in Tableau

    Aileen Nemrow

      Hello all,

      I have the following question and I hope you can help me.

      I need to make some conditionals directly in Tableau, as shown in the attached excel (Columns H, I, J)


      PERSON_ID: Is a unique code for each person

      COURSE_NUMBER: Course taken by a person (1050>1040>1010)

      LABELS: A label created for each Academic Period to make easier the analysis, each label is unique for each Academic Period.

      First Course: This conditional provide the first course taken. (1=First course)

      GAPS: This conditional provide the Gaps between 2 Academic Periods. The gaps are between the last course and the previous one.

      Note, for each PERSON_ID that is repeated 3 times, the gaps are always in function of the first one: Gap between Course 1050 and 1010, and the other gap between  1040 and 1010



      Label2: This conditional just provided a Header for each row. 1010 to others means from 1010 to higher courses.


      I will appreciate your support related to this 3 conditionals (Columns H, I, J). Is possible to replicate this in Tableau (Conditionals in columns H, I, J)? How can I do this?


      If you have further questions please let me know


      Thank you in advance,